First Aid

Pet First Aid – by Australia’s travelling vet

My dog has sore or itchy skin

Sore or itchy skin may be due to irritation, parasite bites, allergies, infection or a number of underlying illnesses. First aid can provide temporary relief but veterinary advice should always be sought for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

For a patch of dermatitis (“hot spot”) or irritated skin:

  • Use scissors to trim hair short over the sore area.
  • Wearing gloves, apply chlorhexidine antiseptic morning and night until the skin is healed.
  • If redness or ooze is not improving after 2-3 days or your pet seems unwell, seek veterinary advice.

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* These instructions provide generalised information. The content does not replace individual veterinary advice specific to your pet. Professional veterinary advice should always be sought for any animal health issue.

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