Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination


The Kennel Cough Vaccination provides immunity against the main virus and bacteria that cause infectious Canine Cough in dogs.

This vaccination is recommended as an annual (yearly) booster.

Although this disease is referred to as ‘Kennel Cough’, infection is not just confined to dogs who stay in kennels or boarding facilities. The main risk is if your dog socialises with other dogs or where other dogs may have been (for example: parks, dog parks, kennels, footpaths or caravan parks). Sharing communal water bowls can also be a risk for transmitting Kennel Cough.

This vaccination does not provide immunity against the core diseases (Distemper, Hepatitis or Parvovirus), so please check the ‘C3’ or ‘C5’ vaccination pages if these are required.

All of our vaccinations are performed in conjunction with a Full Health Check Consultation and discussion of any concerns that you may have.

Canine Cough $40 plus consultation

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